Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dirt Monster

     Well let me start by telling you that I am now a half fanatic.  Member number 3085.  I did two half marathons in 16 days.  That is a huge acompishment!  (okay, i'm done patting myself on the back.)
      Now on to the race.   Sara had done the dirt monster two years ago, so she filled me in on the course details.  Maybe I should have listened closer. :o)  The race started in a field with a hill, followed by a hill, followed by a huge ever ending... yup you guessed it, a hill.   I of course took off too fast and burnt out.
     My legs were still bet up from last so I know that I would not be running as fast as normal. If you familiar with North Park, we started at Wildwood Drive and went up to the pool and back via Parma, Ohio. Okay, so maybe not since it was just a 5 mile run.

        Maybe it's me.   But I like the graphic.  I went to this race for the shirt.  But what do I get, a purple shirt.  Well, it's blue-ish purple, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.
Sara and crowd at the registration.
     The race was not as muddy as it could have been with all the rain from Hurricane Sandy, so that was good.   All in all a fun run.  Sara got a medal for third in her age group.  One bad thing.  No water at the finish. No water bottles.  You had to go to the registration table and pour water from a gallon jug.  They did have hot soup!!  So, that makes up for it.

Freezing after words
     One interesting note.  I saw someone that won a door prize at the Boston Harvest.  So, that was pretty cool.  Especially since I had picked out that prize personally. 

     I was contacted by the race director of the Dirt Monster a few day after my blog post.   She was sorry that I did not like the purple shirt and said that I should have spoke up.  In the mail today I got...
     Yup a new shirt!  Well, last years, but it's GREEN!   How cool is that?   THANK YOU ELAINE! Definitely a race Sara and I will go back to.

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