Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Belt in Running

     On one of Sara's marathon trips she won a free SPIbelt.  My wife already owned one, so she picked a color I would like and gave it to me.  It was all black and very small.
     I already owned a Nathan's belt.  It is reflective, wide, and uncomfortable.  I bought it with a gift card and used it once.  When I saw the SPIbelt, I thought, "What good is that? It holds a key, if that.  And it, too, is probably uncomfortable to run in."
    I have had the SPIbelt in the running drawer for months.  When I was packing for the Baltimore Half Marathon, I threw it in the bag.  I would need somewhere to put the room key.  The morning of the race I was getting dressed and I grabbed the SPIbelt to put the room key in.  When I did,  it grew!  I put in my car keys and it grew.  I put in my cell phone and it grew!! It turns out that it is made from elastic-like material.
     I ended up wearing the SPIbelt in two half marathons and a 5k.  So far it has not bothered me running.  It is really comfortable, you forget it is there.  And the best part is it does not get tight around you.
     Want one?  You can buy them at or at marathon expos across the country.

*Disclaimer:  This is my personal review and opinion.  No one asked or paid for the review.  SPIbelt did in fact sponsor the 2012 Boston Harvest 5k by donating an orange SPIbelt.


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