Monday, October 22, 2012

History of the shirts

     I spent the month of December, 2010, coming up with designs and ideas for the team shirts.  Originally I was going with the Brunazzi Running Team.  That is until my boss told me that when his family all did a sport they went by Team_Last Name.   He said that's normally how people word it. 
     I changed the name to Team Brunazzi and then went back to the design.  The front was easy.   I wanted the back to be cool.  I couldn't come up with anything that did not curse.  I decided on a turtle.  I got the feeling Sara did loved it.
the back
the front
     "We might be slow, but we always finish."- A fitting title, except that I started to get faster very quickly.  Sara and I sported these shirts at the Run Outta Our Mine Race where people thought the back was funny.   We raced in them again at the Belle Vernon Race for a Track where the newspaper camara guy took some photos for the turtle.  We never did find out if it made the paper.
Running Outta Our Mine-Feb. 2011
     In April of 2011, Sara's dream of having a race on the Yough River Trail happened.   The Deadman's Hollow 5k and Half Marathon.  The day of the race I got an idea.  New team shirts.  The shirts were expensive, close to $40 each.   So, I decided to get some local businesses to sponsor the shirts.   It raised a little bit of money and helped lower the cost.
     Picking the new color was hard.   I really wanted bright safety yellow or orange.   Looking back on that, it probably would not have been that great.  After much thought I went with blue.  Simple, calm and peaceful. 
Run for Hunger-August 2011

     In April of 2012, I became a Race Director.  For the race I wanted new team shirts.  Mostly because some of the team sponsor had went out of business.   I asked a local printing company to do the shirts and they said sure, 15 bucks.  My jaw dropped.  I ordered a whole bunch.  Lucky my work bonus arrived just in time to pay for them.  The new shirt has 2 big and 2 small running skeletons for me, Sara and the girls.  The back is a simple TEAM BRUNAZZI.
The new shirt!

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