Sunday, October 21, 2012

Half Marathons

     This is my first 'real' blog post.  To see my other two posts, visit

     I ran my first half marathon is April.  The only time I had run distance was about 3 or 4 ten mile training runs.  I was signed up to run in the 5k (that's my distance), but my wife got hurt before the race.  Since she was signed for the half marathon and I hate losing money, I decided to go for it. 
     I was doing really good for the first 7-8 miles, then I started to feel it.  I was trying to go too fast.  I wanted to do the half at 7:30 minute pace.  That was not going to happen.  At mile 11 my left leg starting bother me.  I had passed two friends a few miles back and I did not want to let them win, so I pushed forward.  By mile 12 I must have looked like a rabbit hopping down the trail.
clapping with Scott P.

    As I got with in sight of the finish line, I could hear feet.   I knew it had to be one of my friends.  I dropped from a 9:25 to a 6:48.  It felt like I was flying... I had done it.  I bet them both.
 Jason S. and Kelly U. closing in.
Finish Time !

     The point of the blog post was not that I finished my first half, nor that I beat two friends.  The point was that I was stupid to run a distance race with out training first.   I screwed up my knee.  I think in that last "push" to win.  It was a month before I could run with out pain.  Of course 2 weeks after the half I was running in a 5k. :o)  You just can't fix stupid, right.   Six months later, I finally got my speed back.  A nice 20:50 and then a 21:06 in 5k's.
I won't lie, I run for the medals. :o)
     Month 7 saw me back at the half marathon distance.  This time at Baltimore.  I did not try to run as fast nor as hard.   I finished in 1 hour 49 minutes.  My left knee was good, but my left leg was not.  The upper part felt like someone was twisting it.  It has been a week and the pain is all but gone.  So, what do I do?  Sign up for a 5k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.  At least I can join the Half Fanatics Club.  You need 2 halfs in 16 days.  This will be 16 days, dead on.

Stupid, Crazy, or Totally Freakin' Awesome!

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