Monday, October 29, 2012

Apocalypse 5k & Farmer's Inn Half Marathon

     This weekend was the third time that I did a race both Saturday and Sunday.  I did this at the beginning of the month also.  Apparently I did not learn my lesson then. 
     The first race was a 5k on the Yough River Trail.  My favorite place to run.  It is close to home and flat...very flat.  The 5k had 51 people, most of whom were at the Boston Harvest.  Sara and I said hello to friends and chatted a bit while we waited for the start.  A few people did not talk to us and I can not help but wonder why.
     Our friend Jason said to me right before the race, "if you run a 7 minute mile, you might win this".  He was refered to the fact that most of the runners had on halloween custumes.  The horn blew and he was gone.  I took my time because I wanted to be able to do the half marathon the next day.   By mile one I was in 5th place and I passed what I thought should be a faster runer.  The next mile I pushed hard trying to keep ahead of another friend, Micheal.  At mile two he had gotten ahead of me and I was out of steam.  I walked a little bit and then ran again. 
     As I closed in on the finish line I could hear feet.  I sped up.  So did the feet.  I went faster.  So did the feet.  I thought F-it, they are not going to beat me.  I closed my eyes, and dropped all my energy to my feet.  I was flying.  Turns out there was 2 people behind me racing each other.  I beat them both. :o)  Time of 22:09. 
me, chris, and super gym dude

    Sara, myself, and nanny (my mom) all received 1st in our age group medals.  Ash and Gemma were there too, however Gemma was not into running that day.
     Sunday was an early up at 4am.  We had to drive a good ways to get to the second race.  This time it was a half marathon.  The second in 16 days!  And only my third ever.  It was cold.  It was raining.  Sara and I where both wearing shorts. Some old dude said, oh your going skins.  She did not bring a running coat, luckly I packed two. 
After the free buffet. yum.

     The race started at 9:03.  The race directors told us about the course.   Flat with some rolling hills and a moutain at mile 3. they did not say a mountain, but they should have!  In mile one I was already hurting.  The course was all downhill so far.  When mile two hit, the pain was gone and the hills had started. At mile 2.5 the mountain got to me.  I walked alot of it.
     By mile four the hills were gone, but I could not get my pace going again.  The mountain had beat me.  All I could do was keep running as best as I could.  Up until mile six I was going back and forth with other friend, Allison.   She then got ahead of me and at mile 10 I lost sight of her.  There was no one behind me that I could see.  This being alone, coupled with a weird cold wind that showed up at mile 11, almost made me quit. (note that other runners including my wife, commented about the cold wind that came in at mile 11.  Halloween Spirits maybe?)
     I looked at my Garmin and need to do the last mile in 8:30 minutes to get under 2 hours. I tried running hard to finish, but I kept stopping, walking, and running again.  I finished in 1:59:45.   15 seconds to spare.
T-shirt and finishers thropy
     After the race we all got a free buffet dinner.  Well not free, it was included in the race price.  It was awesome!  Country home cooking.  I had four plates full.
     On the way home we stopped for gas.  In front of us was an old suv with the tailgate up.  The suv was loaded as if someone was living out of it.  Then we saw the owner brushing his teeth and rinsing with a gallon jug of water.  His t-shirt said "phish" and he had a girlfriend who looked as if her hair had not been washed in monthes.  I said out loud, "damn hippes".  I can not help but think that when they saw us get out of the car in our running gear, they must have thought "damn runners".

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